Stop!! Motion!!

A little stopmotion clip I did for Modern Amusement. Models don't all have it easy. A nice cool winter day is never complete without a swim in freezing water.

Check out below or their website


Tres Beau

A small video featuring Julie Bel. Styling: Ozlem Esen. Shot on location in Bali. music by Yelle

trevor king "Julie" from trevor king on Vimeo.

Bali Hai

I can't get enough of Bali. I will own land there one day!

A Poet, and I Know It

Wind blowing,
Ocean roaring.
Toes numb,
Feeling a bit bummed.
As winter creeps,
I like to sleep.


The Little Ones

Even in the small villages the local Balinese kids keep it rockin!!


a dose of culcha mate.

A little submission shoot for Culture Magazine. Check it all out here.

Stylist: Pheonix Keating

H&M: Timothy Stone

Model: Lewis Grant @ Pricillas


I want one!

I've been doing some work for Modern Amusement lately. They are giving away this awesome Modern Amusement retro fish to a lucky customer. All you have to do is purchase and item of Modern Amusement from their Summer 2010 collection and send in a photo of your receipt to info@modernamusement.com.au

The comp runs from August 23rd to September 30th. They'll draw a winner October 1st. What are you waiting for?


Scar Bra

Just some spare time one afternoon in Perth...

blah de blah

I haven't done an update for a while now. Work has been taking me around Aus way too much this month. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I need to save my pennies for my cross USA trip in Sept. Can't wait!! Here are some iphone snaps of stuff recently in my space.


Razzy Tazzy

Recent work made me end up in a small mining town in western Tasmania. Amazing place! Beautiful landscape, great people, even though some did try to hide their 2nd head, I could see the lump on their left shoulder, hidden under their heavy winter coats.


West side is the Best side

Recent trip to Margaret River, WA. Sweet waves, hanging with the Rusty crew, some tasty vino and Eddie Current Suppression Ring to top it off. Pretty epic all around.


skire in the fy.

forest + fire + smoke + sky + sun + camera =